Friday, May 02, 2008

30 Things About Me

I've never done this before, but feel inspired by a friend's entry listing 30 things about herself. It was so much more interesting than I had expected! So, in one sitting, here are 30 things about me that I can think of right now. A lot of this is probably already familiar, and then some parts may be TMI!

01. I am gay

02. I am 100% Vegetarian and 90% Vegan

03. My primary philosophy about life is shaped by the teachings of non-physical Beings by the names of "Michael," "Seth," "Emmanuel," "Lazaris," and "Orin and DaBen."

04. Despite the love and support I have in my life, my best friend EVER was my dog, Pluto, who died after 5 years of friendship from Cancer (he was euthanized in my arms)

05. I am now HIV+ as of last year and am technically "living with AIDS" (though I am perfectly healthy)

06. I have a hard time believing that HIV or AIDS exists as we currently understand it because of the extreme lack of science to support the theories, but now I have to live as if it is true

07. I have now lived in New York City for a total of years that count as nearly half of my life

08. I love "Reality TV"

09. I spend more time with electronics and non-human animals than I do with people these days

10. It bothers me when people call me a "Racist" just because I make legitimate complaints and open commentary about my primarily-Black neighborhood and the issues that obviously plague Black culture (hello, I'm right in the middle of it!)

11. I rarely tell people what I do for a living unless they ask

12. I rarely relate to anyone who does what I do for a living

13. My greatest unfulfilled aspirations are to successfully publish a well-accepted novel and a non-fiction book

14. My greatest fulfilled aspirations are all related to helping people and animals to have and create better lives for themselves

15. I almost died last year in a hospital in a foreign country and spent several days in a coma.

16. Before last year, I have always done anything for "Love." For the first time in my life now, I have genuinely lost all interest in ever feeling that way again. And that's not a bad thing.

17. Most of my guy friends are my ex-boyfriends.

18. I have lost several close women friends because I was not interested in their affections.

19. I lived for 18 years being abused my Mother. Now I have not seen or spoken to her in 22 years. And she has never tried to contact me.

20. I communicate with the dead every day, but I really don't want to die.

21. The greatest ambient influence on my soul is the music of Cocteau Twins and one of the greatest days of life was when I met them... and they knew who I was.

22. After hearing a lengthy speech about me and my influence on my high school, I won a writing award that had not been given in 17 years. I accepted my award to a standing ovation.

23. I was voted "Most Cheerful," and "Most Outrageously Dressed" in my Senior Class in high school.

24. Despite being 40 years old, I still enjoy life as if I am just getting started.

25. I think Zombies and Clowns are two of THE most terrifying things on the planet.

26. The most disheartening and shocking things in life for me are having to watch people choose Convenience and Self-preservation over Compassion and Kindness.

27. When I look at people and things, I see colors and shapes dancing around and through them and I sometimes know what they mean.

28. Despite being very sexual all of my life (from a very early age), I have never really had sex.

29. Despite being 40 years old now, after growing up abused, I still constantly live in fear of "getting into trouble," even when there is absolutely no reason.

30. Believe it, or not, I always do the things I do because I truly love doing most of what I choose to do, and not for any reward, applause, or praise.
That concludes 30 Things About Me today...