Monday, May 09, 2005

Cocteau Twins, Metric, and Stars, OH MY!

TRUEGROOVE is up and running again, if you are interested in a groovy, chillin' listenin' moment...

Music begins playing immediately and randomly, so make sure your speakers are on and adjusted properly. ENJOY!



Yvonne said...


It makes me feel gooooood.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. :-)

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is this: I LOVE that baby picture. (You already knew that, though). When I am close to someone, when I really know him/her, I usually feel like I see the child inside. Maybe that sounds really "out there." I don't care. So I really get a kick out of seeing pictures of them as children; it's like a visual expression of what I'm already imagining. Anyway, I've always seen an innocence inside you, and it looks just like that picture. Oh, and thanks for the music too.

-Nick :)

The Humanity Critic said...

Just passing throgh, great blog by the way. I am definitely digging it.