Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I have a very big blog entry coming up, but I did want to get this One Minute Wander up here to share.

This is a typical intersection in Amsterdam. This intersection isn't even really that bad, and to capture the multitude of directions for which a person has to be aware just can't be captured on my little camera. I think you will get the gist, though. I adapted to it pretty easily, but I do feel lucky that I have had my many years of New York experiences to prepare me. I feel so bad for the tourists who aren't used to anything more than a single car at an intersection. Be sure to keep your eye on the tourist looking dumbfounded and confused, checking her map, with her big fanny pack, who almost gets killed by the trolley that comes out of nowhere!


Jen Mallet said...

Okay, now I can't stop laughing. It makes the chaos of north american cities look downright organized!

Anonymous said...

That was funny! I liked your commentary, too. You sound like you're havin' a great time there. Miss you!


Anonymous said...

That was funny! I wish I was there. You sound so happy, sir.

Miss you!


Jane Doe said...

frankly, people who wear fanny packs deserve to be killed. snark. snark.

Anonymous said...

So funny, buzzing and whipping on by all in their own little worlds...reminds me some of Napoli tho cleaner - guess cities have a frequency too, wonder what it is there?! Sounds like you're having fun, Troy ;-) hugs, Suz