Monday, December 01, 2008

VLOG: 120108

VLOG: 120108 from CocteauBoy on Vimeo.

Just an update about my MRI and XRAY results; my new PONCHO!! and an encouragement toward more video exchanges. The end credits cut off a letter, so they should read "share" and "cocteauboy." and

Search for CocteauBoy on each and add me!


Joie Mayfield said...

You are too cute! :)

I have a new blog URL:


I hope you're doing well, friend!

Ryan Charisma said...

Poncho eh? What's next, making sandles out of hemp & recycled moto-cross tires? You're pratically a lesbian.

Are you wearing patchouli?

Are you burning vanilla candles?

Do you own a plaid flannel shirt?

Are you going to have a bi-racial baby?

Anonymous said...

Hi Troy
love this video:

Concha said...

Many blessings