Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Back Into The World
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Yesterday was my first steps back into the outside world after months of being limited to a bed, a room, or an apartment. At first I was very nervous and scared about not being able to keep up my strength or keep my breathing steady, but then as the day wore on, I started getting really excited about going outside. Not only to go outside, but to go DO something! So I convinced Jip that I was well-enough to go grocery shopping!

I walked with him all the way there before needing a tiny break, and then went right on into the store and proceeded to shop like a kid in a candy store! In regaining my health and strength, I am also regaining a large appetite, so being in the store while I was hungry brought out all kinds of cravings I've been having, but couldn't do anything about because I either couldn't describe what I wanted, or Jip had no clue what I was describing. For instance, I have been craving "hash browns" for a lonnnng time. Here in The Netherlands, no one even knows what that is. I kept trying to describe them as shredded potatoes, sometimes pressed into shapes, or sometimes just cooked loosely until crispy. No clue. Well, as soon as I looked into the frozen potatoes section, there were PLENTY of "hash brown" options! When I showed them to Jip, he insisted that the shredded potatoes were just "french fries" and couldn't comprehend what the difference is. Believe me, there is a HUGE difference between French Fries, crispy Hash Browns, and even shredded potatoes that you can fry up. BIG difference. I am a potato fan, so I should know, and now I have my craving fulfulled... that's all that matters.



FRENCH FRIES (very different)

Needless to say, my first outing was a success, and I am so happy to be functioning better and better! Here's a little tiny video of my first steps out the door of the apartment and out into the world again...


Anonymous said...

I loved that, sir!! Woo=hoo!! You look so happy. And I'm very glad you got some hash browns, too.

Love, Nick

Anonymous said...

Oh Troy! I'm so glad you're improving so much and so quickly! As you say, YAY! :-)
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I can see you followed my advices that´s why you have improved so much. So:
1- Eat real food, lots of protein!
(not Junky honey)
Look for Myoplex at vitamine store.
2- Did you have ur hair cut? Its in time, they r covering your ears.
3- Take some tan.
4 - Ask ur Dr if you can have some Testo, you will get amazing results and it will boost ur immmune Stem.
5 - Listen to good, fun, happy, positive songs! You r very receptive to their vibrations.

I know you will enjoy that:


your sister,

Anne Frank.

Ps: And i dont wanna see the word "Pneumonia" as a tag anymore OK!

Karen said...

*eyeroll* Repeat after me: "Potatoes are not a vegetable."

Lookin' good, you are. Keep it up!

CocteauBoy said...

oh heeelll no... now don't go messin' with the potato! I love Love LOVE the potato! I might have only survived this illness just to have more hash browns! lol

Jane Doe said...

When you are back home, I want to take you out for a super-sized order of McDonald's French Fries.


derek said...

glad your doing better!

Anonymous said...

You look so good now. Don't spoil it by eating too much potatoes!