Friday, June 08, 2007


In comical honor of Valerie Cherish from the most-excellent, short-lived series "THE COMEBACK!" I am posting my last vlog from the hospital! Originally I thought I would be leaving tomorrow, but I am leaving today! Despite my near-death experiences, coma, and need for serious patience in recovering over the next few weeks, I still have my humor and love! YAY!

For those who don't know Valerie Cherish, you should really buy the series. AMAZING! I still laugh about several of the moments of genius comedy brought to it by Lisa Kudrow. This little vlog just made me laugh and happy to do because I am mimicking her trying to be "natural" as she made her reality tv statement that she was ready for her comeback!

So am I! YAY!


Anonymous said...

That was totally adorable!! Both of you!!

I'm so happy you're getting out of the hospital. And I'm looking forward to seeing you very soon in NY. I love you!


CocteauBoy said...

I am so glad to be home!

Jane Doe said...

Troy, I have been away from blogland in freelance land and oh my goodness! Some scary stuff going on, but it sounds like you are really making a comeback! Can't watch the videos here at the i-cafe, but since I too am a rabid Valerie-lover, "I don't need to SEE that."

Felicitations on your recovery...