Monday, January 31, 2005

What the...!!??

Okay, I did it... and now, so will you have to do so! Just do it! And then use the COMMENTS link to share yours. I SAID DO IT!!! (pretty please)

Your Porn Star Name is: Sour Pickle


potusol said...

Mine was "Sour Pickle" too, until I added my middle name and got the much more satisfying "Rod Steel". And just for kicks I ended up with "Zsa Zsa LaHore" which I like almost as much as my given Texas name "Livina Traylor".

PJS said...

Kind regards from Andy Asstronut (or, with my middle name added, Michael J. Cox)

cyprus said...

Mine is "Busty de Lusty"
Sounds right to me!

amy said...

Just call me "Tight Cherry" .... lol